Maria Hanford


Enterprise & Personal Wellness Consultant; Founder & CEO of Exequor Wellness Group, Inc.

Maria Hanford, an enterprise & personal wellness consultant, meditation teacher, sound facilitator, reiki practitioner, and performance coach, started developing her expertise by counseling and negotiating numerous legal matters for businesses and individuals in the New York City Metropolitan Area. Maria founded and successfully managed a lucrative law firm for over two decades. Corporate executives and in-house corporate counsel retained Maria when in crisis, when in need of a leader to spearhead a restructuring, or as a mediator to guide an organization through in-house or outside conflicts. In addition to practicing law, Maria attended prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and New York University for advanced and graduate studies. These studies included arbitration, mediation, negotiation and leadership, executive and personal coaching, positive psychology, mental health and wellness, meditation, and sound healing. These studies were not only to have the best skill set to work with her clients but also for personal development.

After negotiating the sale of the law firm, Maria saw an opportunity to jump headfirst into a career in wellness, focusing on personal and professional development. As a coach, consultant, facilitator, and instructor, she enjoys launching clients on their wellness journey. Maria not only helps clients implement wellness practices into their daily lives, but she also works with them in uncovering where conscious choices come from and how one can escape old ideas and make better choices. Maria starts her clients down a path that leads to them living a life beyond their wildest dreams. Maria puts self-care first in her life—water, good nutrition, meditation, exercise, and sleep. She genuinely values the principles of self-betterment through collaboration.

Maria took graduate and advanced studies in arbitration, mediation, negotiation and leadership, mental health and wellness, positive psychology for coaching, and meditation to better understand problem-solving and facilitating resolutions for her clients. Maria had a calling to shift her career to personal/professional development and wellness by consulting and coaching (depending on the client's request or need).

Exequor Wellness Group, Inc. ("EWG") is a diverse group of wellness professionals that offer bespoke programs to enhance awareness about the importance of mental, spiritual, and physical wellness and how the three work together to achieve a state of total well-being.