On Resilience

On Resilience

Fall 2022

When things aren’t going as they should, sometimes we behave as though everything is peachy. However, we should be taking time to reset our expectations of ourselves and whatever situation challenges us. Putting off or not knowing how to reset expectations can pressure us to act like all is “normal.” Procrastinating with addressing necessary change can be stressful, and we eventually become angry with ourselves because of the situation we let linger. 

There are things that we can do to be able to face things head-on, make changes and be resilient when facing any challenge:

1. And how’s that working out for you?

Make two columns and list: What is not working out and what is.

Now may not be the time to handle “business as usual.” It can worsen matters. Are you trying to force something to happen, someone to change? Or are there things happening that are blocking your essential goals? What are the moving parts in all of this?

2. List what you can do differently.

Think realistically about what can change. It can be challenging but act as if you are already the person you want to become, accepting what needs to be accepted and doing the necessary things until the change takes over as second nature. It may take a minute to figure out, and you may even need to experiment, but it’s okay. Permit yourself to try out different things and even make mistakes, permission to be human. You will eventually get into a
new routine.

3. Take care of yourself. 

It’s essential to be mentally, spiritually, and physically balanced to make the best decisions for yourself. Especially when you are working on getting your stress under control, resting, drinking lots of water, taking walks, and meditating are very important. Keep your mind still and your body moving. Don’t roll up on the couch like a ball or hide under the covers in bed. Avoid alcohol and overeating, as these things will make you feel worse. 

Meditate! Ask yourself these four soul questions: 

Who am I? 

What do I want? 

What am I grateful for? 

What is my purpose? 

You don’t have to have the answers, but you should think about these things. 

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Fact: If you are not growing, you are deteriorating. 

Move to the next level. Your growth empowers you. If you are not consistently working on leveling up your relationships, health, career, and spiritual life, you get left behind, which usually means alone. 

I work with you in creating a plan that supports you in becoming the best version of YOU! You will learn how to use the tools to change your habits and old ways of thinking, stop self-sabotaging, face your fears, acknowledge them and move past them. Together we will work on removing whatever is distracting you or blocking you from finding and using your power to live a life beyond your wildest dreams. Let’s go!! Commit to doing the work.