Meditating to Autopilot

Meditating to Autopilot

Fall 2022

We have all heard the expression “kids are like sponges.” Well, it’s true. Kids are constantly absorbing new information. However, we are all sponges, not just kids. From birth, until we leave the earth, it is instinctual. We need this instinct to survive. In today’s world, however, we must do this cautiously to avoid becoming overwhelmed. We must become more conscious about how much of our time we devote to absorbing outside content. By not having any awareness in this regard, we risk losing our focus on what is truly meaningful.

Information overload is real. Many of us struggle to be present because of all the information, tasks, work, demands on time, and everything happening in the world. Meditating helps us to know when to slow down, know when it’s time to take a deep breath and how to be present, in the moment. Meditating helps us do better at creating a space between us and our electronics and being intentional about protecting our time until it becomes second nature: on autopilot. Most things that are good for us and give us room to grow get set to autopilot once we bring meditation practice into our lives.

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Is it time for you to be intentional about protecting your time and how much information you let into your daily life until the autopilot switches on?