Margo Gladys


Lead Health Coach and Consultant, Qigong and Mindfulness Instructor

Margo is a certified medical qigong practitioner, and is certified as a qigong teacher (> 1100 training hours), a meditation teacher, a yoga instructor, a breathwork facilitator, and a health coach. Margo's specialty is teaching mindfulness to corporate clients. She has studied and experimented with many healing modalities during her wellness journey. Her successful transformation from a health-challenged individual into a healthy and balanced one started with covering the basics, such as healthy eating and exercise, followed by changing her belief system and mindset. This change occurred after discovering the teachings of Louise Hay and Wayne Dwyer. A real breakthrough came when Margo found Qigong and the wisdom of Taoism. Taoism not only completed her cycle of healing and improved her life, but it also became her passion and calling. Margo's continued Qi journey and education, has included studying with highly regarded teachers, such as Lisa Van Ostrand, Tina Zhang, Henry Moyee, Tevia Feng, Francesco Garripoli, and Michael Rinaldini. Margo is a professional member of the National Qigong Association. She studies Taoism, mindfulness, and wellness trends, deepening her knowledge of Qigong to serve others better. This wisdom allows Margo to find balance and thrive. She is passionate about sharing her easy yet effective health practices with others.