Satya Tajpreet

Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Vibrational Medicine Practitioner, Kundalini Teacher, Animal Energy Practitioner, and Gene Keys Guide

Satya is originally from New York where she spent most of her early adulthood working in the legendary NYC nightlife scene. In 2013 a big change happened—she left New York to move abroad, which happened to be the exact time of her Saturn Return, beginning her journey of self-discovery. She now lives in Las Vegas where she is happy to call home. Satya is an Artist, Kundalini Teacher, Vibrational Medicine Practitioner and Gene Keys Guide. She also works with Animals specializing in Energy Work and Canine Nutrition.

Satya offers clients mindfulness tools which she herself uses to develop spiritually and live her truth.

From Satya,

Sat Nam! Following my truth has been nothing but a path of heightened connectivity, vibrancy and passion. I want others to experience the same, to be able to step into their higher purpose and let their inner radiance shine. My goal is to help people to reconnect with their most inner true self.”