Jamie Szapka

Yoga Instructor; Nutrition Coach specializing in Epigenetics

In-person, online, on-demand, group and 1-on-1 Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin style yoga.

Jamie has over 200 hours of instructor training and teaching. Creating yoga flow with connection between breath and movement, Jamie's classes will incorporate poses to enhance strength, posture, flexibility while increasing confidence and aiding in stress management. Jamie understands the importance of self-awareness and the journey we must experience to bring us into the now. Her passion is to guide people along their wellness path as they recognize and connect to their inner strength, body and mind. Offering individuals actionable, realistic steps to attain their goals and embark on a life that continues to inspire. Embracing the love of doing, simply by experiencing.

Classes are structured using sun salutations, standing warriors, balancing techniques, core strengthening, stability, hip and back openers and poses in seated and lying positions. Fluid flow and incorporating deepening holds with each posture while instructing focus on correct pose position. Vinyasa with a more lyrical sequencing that is fun and engaging.

"The journey is the goal and you are exactly where you need to be. Life is not a destination to arrive at, but an experience to live fully in every moment."