Megan Dombrowski

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Megan is an NYC-based Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide and Psychology Researcher who blends various forms of yoga, meditation, breath work, and East/West methods. It is her intention to create a deeply personalized experience for you to explore your inner world, nourish your body, mind + spirit, and find the practices that work for YOU. Expect beautifully balanced classes that are energetic yet introspective, powerful yet accessible, and set to a playlist influenced by her DJ brother.

Megan began practicing yoga as a stressed-out college student, immediately falling in love with the “yoga afterglow.” By 2021, Megan completed her RYS 200 hour certification and moved to NYC where she met two Japanese Soto Zen monks who taught her how to formally meditate. She experienced profound transformation at this time, eventually leaving her full-time job as a management consultant to dive into contemplative practice, meditation retreats, and teaching. She has never looked back.

Megan has 500+ hours of formal training certifications across Baptiste Power + Vinyasa Yoga, Katonah Yoga, Yin Yoga, Zen and Tibetan Buddhist meditation. She is currently pursuing certifications in Meridian Yoga Therapy with Dr. Rose Erin Vaughan and Eastern Philosophy Courses with the Asian Classics Institute. She is also a Crisis + Suicide Prevention Hotline Volunteer and Research Assistant for the NYU Mindful Education Lab.