Sound Bath Healing

Harmony Within: Empowering Women Through Sound — Jan 14

Women, Sound, Reiki

Start on your transformative journey with Sound Practitioner Shayla Martin as you join a gathering of empowered women, immersing yourself in the healing power of sound. Experience a rejuvenating session featuring 7 Crystal Sound Bowls, chimes, music, and more. Discover the profound benefits of sound healing, promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and energy balance. This unique session celebrates feminine strength—a refreshing start to the new year, offering a meditative escape into the soothing world of sound.

There will also be a guest reiki practitioner in residence for this event.

In-person & Virtually
$50 / $20

Zoom link for virtual tickets will be sent to the email provided 24 hours before event.

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Harmony Within: Empowering Women Through Sound — Jan 14
January 14, 2024
Registration Required. Space is Limited.