Harmony Renewed — Yoga Nidra Spring Equinox Workshop

Yoga Nidra, Spring Equinox

This workshop is intended to offer individuals an opportunity to look inward, and set intentions for new beginnings as Springtime emerges.

Yoga Nidra is “yogic sleep” (deep rest). The Equinox is a time of moving from darkness to light, gestation to growth, openings and new beginnings. Let this deep restorative meditation assist you as you transition into opening up to the new (within yourself and the world around you.) Take this space to look inward, honor your progress, and set intentions & affirmations for new beginnings in the months ahead. We will take space at the end to reflect on our meditation (draw/paint/write) and create a tangible artifact representing our intentions for the months ahead. Refreshments will be served. In-Person and Virtual Offerings are available.

Yoga Nidra Meditation 60 min meditation. We will take 10-15 mins at the beginning of class to stretch & breathe 15-20 mins at the end to draw intentions.

In-Studio Tickets $40pp

Virtual Tickets $20pp


15 mins prior to Yoga Nidra where students will take 5 mins to breathe/stretch as they prefer and set up their area for yoga nidra and prepare for mediation.

60 min Yoga Nidra guided meditation practice, deep rest and vision work.

15 mins at the end of class to draw/paint/write setting intentions drawing inspiration from their meditation, any word images intentions that are clear for them. Attendees will be encouraged to hang this somewhere that they can see it. We will also have baskets of positive affirmations for those that are in person are able to choose one and bring with them upon leaving. This will be hung next to their artwork/intentions if they choose.

Students at home are welcome to participate in this intention writing/sketching/drawing, however, supplies (watercolors, etc.) will be provided for those in-person.

Registration Required. Tickets are non-refundable.

For virtual tickets,
Zoom link will appear 30min prior to the workshop on our online event page (Eventbrite). View your link to our online event page in your confirmation email. Attendees must join from the online event page. Check your registration email for Eventbrite notifications.

In-Studio Tickets $40pp

Virtual Tickets $20pp

Harmony Renewed — Yoga Nidra Spring Equinox Workshop
In-Person and Virtual
March 17, 2024
3:00pm – 4:30pm
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