Exequor Wellness founder Maria Hanford
Exequor Wellness instructor Kelsey doing yoga on a New York City rooftop
Exequor Wellness instructor Lexi doing yoga on a New York City rooftop

Use Your Power

Welcome to Exequor Wellness

Let us bring wellness to you, for you!
At Exequor Wellness™, we guide you in developing the daily mental, physical, and spiritual practices necessary to strengthen and unlock human potential. Let's work together to achieve all your personal and professional goals. Join the X-Pack.

Exequor Wellness instructor Margo doing Qigong on the beach
ExEquor Wellness Instructor Margo Practices Qigong on the beach

The parts that make up the whole

Customized Wellness Programs

Whether you're an executive or a stay-at-home parent, there is at least one area in your life that you would like to improve or develop. Perhaps career, personal, or work relationships, amount of sleep, fitness level, how you eat, water intake, or mental management of stress and anxiety. At Exequor Wellness™, we work with our clients in a holistic manner which addresses their concerns and the 7 dimensions of wellness. A person is a whole being with many moving parts, and every part needs to be cared for in order for the whole being to operate at peak performance. Let us get you empowered to enhance your life and develop in those areas that will have you living your best life.

7 Dimensions of Wellness

enhancing nutrition, water intake, exercise, sleep
incorporating new concepts to your life, learning new skills or enhancing skills you already have, applying new ways of thinking to current challenges
knowing how to recognize and express feelings, managing emotions, having a positive attitude, being able to ask for help and support
meditating, praying, seeking one’s purpose and meaning to life, making time to be in nature
balancing work-life responsibilities, attaining fulfillment in the workplace, preparing for a new job, bolstering job skills through additional training, being mindful of financial obligations when considering career job modifications
joining community groups, connecting with new people, establishing beneficial connections with friends and family, spending quality time with friends and family
knowing the impact that that you can have on the environment and working to minimize negative effects, being mindful about consumption, recycling and being a positive example in support of the environment, conserving natural resources
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Join the X-Pack

Find the X-Pack membership that's right for you

No matter where you are on your wellness journey, Exequor Wellness™, will meet you there. When you become an X-Pack Member you gain access to custom wellness services including classes, webinars, motivational speakers, and select special events. You will also gain access to our library of online wellness content and an in-depth wellness assessment. Become part of our growing X-Pack community.

collage of classes being held in the Exequor Wellness HQ studio
ExEquor Wellness HQ in NYC

Use Your Power to thrive in every aspect of life

Enterprise Development Programs

Every successful company and organization knows that the only path to innovation and overall success is for its individual members to be performing at their maximum potential. Exequor Wellness™ provides enterprise-level solutions for groups looking to bring out the very best in their teams and offer enhanced quality of life for their employees and their own clients.

Exclusive benefits

A boutique client experience paired with elite services

Whether you're an individual striving to thrive, or an executive in an organization looking to help your team maximize their potential, the experienced instructors and professionals at Exequor Wellness™ are able to help craft a fully customized program so you can achieve success.

Wellness Instruction

Hypnosis & Self Hypnosis
Breathing Practices
Sound Healing

Coaching & Consulting

Personal, Professional, and Executive
Integrative Fitness

Special Events

Wellness Retreats
X-Pack Meet & Greets
Speaking Engagements

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ExEquor Wellness Instructor Kelsey Practicing yoga in NYC
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Our Founder
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Your growth is our passion

Exequor Wellness’s Mission and Values

Exequor Wellness Group, Inc. ("EWG") is a diverse group of wellness professionals that aims to enhance awareness about the importance of mental, spiritual, and physical wellness and how they work together. These professionals are inspired to build a wellness community one person at a time. The EWG approach is holistic. EWG guides clients in their integration of daily physical and mental fitness, meditation, nutrition, social connectedness, self-esteem, and specific work-life balance practices. The goal is for all members of the Exequor Wellness™ X-Pack community to achieve total well-being, become empowered, take charge of their own lives, remain consistent in caring for themselves, and be an example to others.